HISTORYthe ancient city of Eliros

Eliros Mare owes its name to the ancient Cretan city of Eliros. Named after the historic city of Eliros, the Eliros Mare hotel stands on the foundations of tradition and legacy. Ancient Eliros, located in the southwestern part of Chania, was a place where gods were worshipped and heroes were celebrated. In honor of Apollo and his sons Phylakides and Philandros, a bronze statue of a goat suckling the two children was sent to Delphi, symbolizing their abandonment by their mother.

But Eliros was also the birthplace of the legendary lyrical poet Thaletas (7th century B.C.), credited with inventing the Cretic rhythm and national paeans. During the Hellenistic and Roman times, Eliros flourished as the most important city in southwestern Crete, proudly independent and autonomous with its own currency. Today, the Eliros Mare hotel pays homage to this rich history, offering guests a poetic journey.