Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel



Dear Guests,

We are prepared to keep offering you safe and stress-free holidays during the upcoming summer of 2021!

We are complied with Greek Government’s and World Health Organization operating protocols for 2021 in order to provide you a safe environment during your holidays with us in Crete.


Our Cleaning Program will include:

Hotel staff

  • All our staff members are aware and trained through seminars of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted and able to provide information to our guests.


Reception desk / check-in and check-out

  • It is highly recommended to use electronic registration so as to limit and avoid the long stay and queue at the reception.
  • Credit or debit cards are recommended for payment of hotel costs (cash will be accepted in only exceptional cases).
  • All key cards will be disinfected.
  • Mandatory extension of duration of check-out and check-in times between stays (check out by 11am and check in from 3pm) so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and aired out through natural ventilation.
  • Signage and floor markings will be used to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.


Cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping (rooms and public areas)

  • We will reinforce our sanitation services in all public areas.
  • We will pay special attention to cleaning “high-frequency touch points” such as door handles and elevator knobs.
  • Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation will take place between stays of our guests.
  • The daily cleaning service as well as change of sheets, pillowcases and towels will be avoided and carried out only upon the request of guests.
  • TV and air conditioner controls will have disposable covers.
  • Fabric surfaces (e.g. furniture upholstery) will be cleaned with a steam appliance upon departure.
  • The doors and windows of all rooms will be opened daily for natural ventilation.
  • Individual antiseptic gels will be placed in each room.


Food services – Kitchens

  • All kitchens in our hotel are following Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), an internationally recognized method of identifying and managing food safety related risk.


Food services – Restaurants (a la carte, buffet, breakfast rooms) and bars (indoor and outdoor)

  • One customer per two square meters is allowed in the indoor and outdoor spaces of restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • All restaurant and bar managers will implement social distancing through table spacing and guest seating.
  • The maximum number of customers per table is six people. There is no limit in the case of a family with minors.
  • Disinfection of tables, counters, surfaces etc., after each use and regular airing of the outlets.
  • Buffet will be available with enhanced hygiene measures
  • Hand sanitizers will be available next to the buffets
  • It is highly recommended that children should be supervised in buffet area
  • Signage and floor markings will be used to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.



  • Overcrowding will be avoided and social distancing rules will be applied.


Mini club

  • Kids disco will be available. Our team will ensure that the space for every kid will be minimum 1 square meter. Board games and other outdoor activities will be also available.


Animation program/Sports & Entertainment

  • Evening shows: The audience will be only allowed to use every second chair apart from families, maintaining one seat free to the next person.
  • Sports available: aqua aerobic, beach volleyball, table tennis etc.


Wellness services & Light Gym

  • Social distancing rules apply (two-meter distance between staff members). Guests are allowed access only by appointment.


Swimming pools and other recreational water facilities

  • Only outdoor swimming pools in hotels are allowed to operate, according to the current legal framework (number of bathers: the crowding density in hotel pools is calculated with an index of 5 square meters of water surface per person).
  • Physical distancing:
    – The layout of seats on swimming pool decks (sunbeds, chairs, sun loungers, etc.) will be such so that the distance between the ends of the seats of two people under two different umbrellas be at least 2 meters in each direction.
    – All seats, tables, price lists and any other items will be disinfected after a guest leaves and before used by another guest.


Mini Market operating in the hotel

  • Special floor markings will be used for guests to maintain the proper distance (1.5 meters) from one another.


Public areas (outdoor and indoor)

  • We recommend avoiding the use of elevators. There will be an installation of disinfectants at elevator entrances and recommendation for use upon entrance and exit. There will be a frequent cleaning of elevators especially on “high-frequency touch points” such as handles and knobs. The number of guests using the elevator will be limited to one each time (except families and couples).
  • Signage and floor markings will be used to remind customers to keep their distance from one another.
  • Installation of antiseptic solutions (fixed or non-fixed devices) will be placed in all public areas.
  • Hotel customers are not required to wear antibacterial face masks (unless of course they are ill/having a cold or belong to a vulnerable group) during their stay in our hotel.



  • Physical distancing rules will be applied for seating (sunbeds, chairs, sun loungers, etc.). The layout of these seats will be as such that the distance between two people under two different umbrellas is at least 3 meters in each direction. Bathers will be discouraged from placing towels or beach mats between umbrellas


Action Plan in case of Covid-19 incident:

If a visitor experiences symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection, the following will be applied:

The doctor with whom the Hotel cooperates will be called to assess the incident.

If the patient is in urgent need of hospitalization and presents a serious clinical picture, is taken to the relevant health unit as a suspected CASE OF COVID-19. In case there is no possibility of covid-19 incident management from the health infrastructure of the area, we will arrange for transport of the patient (ECAB, water ambulance, air transport) to the nearest health unit where he can manage it.

If the patient displays a mild clinical picture, a sample is taken by the physician for laboratory COVID confirmation.

The patient with a mild clinical picture remains in his room until the results of the laboratory test are communicated.

During this wait, staff are avoided entering the patient's room if there is no significant reason. If a need occurs, a staff member of the accommodation is advised to deal exclusively with the possible case.

If the guest is confirmed as a COVID case, he will be transferred to the special quarantine hotel and later to a health facility that will accommodate patients with COVID-19 if they need hospitalization.

 If the guest is not confirmed as a CASE of COVID-19, he will be treated on site with the instructions of the attending physician.

The patient will be transported by MA (simple surgical mask) and private means of transport

The safety and security of our guests and staff was always and will remain our highest priority.


Fully committed to your well-being, we are looking forward to welcoming you back!

With Warm Regards,

The Management

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