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Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel
Eliros Mare Hotel


The most beautiful part of northern Crete

Eliros Mare is situated at a vantage point that allows it to access not only the vast beach of Kournas but also have direct access to both the area of Rethymnon and Chania and providing visitors the opportunity to visit a large area with many natural attractions and numerous historical monuments.



The southernmost lake in Europe

Located 5 km from Eliros Mare Hotel. It is the only natural freshwater lake in Crete. The legend says that it was created when a beautiful daughter to escape the erotic appetites of her father wished him «Βούλα και Βουλιλίμνα και εγώ στοιχειό στη λίμνα». So sank the ground and created the lake. Local belief also reports that the lake is “bottomless”, ie without bottom, which is why in its waters are formed Blue successive cycles.

What is certain is that the lake is mentioned since ancient times by the name Korisia and is believed that on the banks there was the sacred temple of Korisia Athena.

The deepest point reaches 22 meters and in its waters are rare live fish, reptiles and snakes and a rare two-color kind of turtle. The lake is a stop for migratory birds and has been included in the Natura 2000 network as a Bird Protection Area.

Lake Kournas is a magical holiday destination, of naturalist and geological interest. It has developed in tourism, as on the banks are facilities with organized beaches for swimmers and paddle boats. It also has many taverns that are famous for their food and charming cafes with spectacular views.


“Blessed by Nature” – “Blessed by God”

On the western side of northern Crete, at the bay where Almyros River flows into, at the crossroads between Rethymnon and Chania is the picturesque town of Georgioupolis, which belongs to the province Apokoronas.

The city has become one of the most important tourist resorts of northern Crete because of the unique beauty of the landscape and the famous beach. A beach with fine sand and shallow waters that gather every summer thousands of tourists from Greece and abroad. It is built on an area of ​​particular morphological features combining: mountain, valley, river, lake (near the village), sea, wild nature with forests and arable land with vineyards and olive groves.

The beautiful and rare flora and fauna due to the abundance of water emanating from the impressive peaks of the White Mountains, which a guest can admire from the balcony of Eliros Mare.

Georgioupolis is easily accessible from any part of the island, since it is located on the main road axis of Crete. As a tourist center it has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, modern hotels, taverns and nightlife with many entertainment options. It maintains, however, live the authenticity of its people and the elements that have characterized the famous Cretan hospitality.


The second largest city in Crete is Chania, located in the northwestern part of the island. The city’s splendid setting and rich history, the picturesque nearby villages and exotic beaches – all combine to leave a powerful impression on its visitors. One of Greece’s most beautiful and charming cities, Hania is also a paradise for those who appreciate great food. Take a stroll through the winding streets of the old quarter; visit a museum, or just admire the wonderful old buildings, which comprise one of the most interesting collections of Ottoman and Venetian architecture anywhere in the world – thanks to the city’s complicated history of occupation by different Mediterranean powers throughout history.

Any visitor to Chania is eventually and irresistibly drawn to the old Venetian harbour – with its working lighthouse and its countless cafés, tavernas, bars and restaurants. The cultural scene is enlivened by the city’s numerous museums and galleries, the lively “Agora” marketplace, the harbour’s impressive stone arsenals and defensive works – and so much more to experience and explore.


Rethymnon combines a rare mix of qualities: the charm and history of its “old town” – with a beautiful beach for swimming. And even though it is the third largest city in Crete, it doesn’t feel at all like a city the way Hania or Heraklion do. It has kept its provincial character: things move slowly here, and, more important, it has preserved its Venetian and Turkish buildings and atmosphere. A visit to Rethymnon’s famous castle, the Fortezza, will inspire you with images from another era, and for a little while at least you will feel a part of its history.

In the old town you will discover more than just culture and history; in the winding cobblestone streets and alleys you will find many different kinds of shops, and along the edge of the old Venetian harbor the fish tavernas are exceptional.



From Chania to Agios Nikolaos, Cretan cuisine with its traditional flavours and aromas will blow your mind. Most of the local dishes are inspired from the Mediterranean cuisine and they are made from local ingredients. Cretan cuisine is famous around the world for its nutritional quality. Don’t hesitate to taste the local wines and the traditional “raki”. In the summer, many local events take place in the cities and villages of Crete. Take the opportunity to explore the local dishes and drinks and the unique Cretan hospitality. It’s not a coincidence that Crete is one of the ultimate gastronomic destinations in Greece.


Every place on the Cretan landscape has a piece of history behind. Minoan, the first European Civilization took birth in Crete (3000 BC). The majestic palaces of Knossos and Phaestus in Heraklion tell their unique Minoan stories through their architecture, art, jewels and poems. Through the centuries, Crete became an important center of Christianism as reflected in the hundreds of monasteries and churches which are scattered everywhere in the island. Reaching the white chapel of St. Nicholaos in Georgioupolis, built on the rocks is a memorable experience. The Venetian and Ottoman occupations of Crete have left their mark on the old towns’ architecture. Exploring the paths of the old Cretan towns by walking, will excite you. The fortresses of Fortezza in Rethymnon and Firka in Chania worth your visit.


It is said that nature blessed Crete with crystal beaches and rivers, imposing mountains and incredible flora and fauna. You will totally fall in love with the turquoise waters of the popular Balos and Elafonisi beaches in Chania. Feel the exotic vibes of Prevelis lagoon in Rethymnon, wandering under the palm trees. Your excursion into the Cretan nature should include a stop at the Kourtaliotis waterfalls in Plakias. 


Both Chania and Rethymnon, the closest cities to Eliros Mare Beachfront Poem Hotel, offer a wide variety of goods for shopping. Big stores and local small shops have their place in the Cretan towns. Let yourself get lost in the old towns’ alleys and you will discover true handmade gems.


Eliros Mare Beachfront Poem Hotel is located between Rethymnon and Chania, just outside the village of Kavros. The hotel is situated right on the beach overlooking the Sea of Crete and at a distance of: 

  • 4 km. from the fishing village of Georgioupolis 
  • 100 km. from the port of Heraklion
  • 35 km. from the port of Souda at Chania 
  • 100 km. from the international airport at Heraklion
  • 50 km. from the international airport at Chania
  • 45 km. from the old town of Chania
  • 20 km. from the old town of Rethymnon
  •  5 km. from Lake Kournas
  • 13 km. from the springs and waterfalls of Argyroupolis
  • 48 km. from the village of Plakias
  • 91 km. from Ballos beach
  • 78 km. from the village of Omalos and the entrance to the Samaria Gorge


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